The perfect potty for Elimination Communication

 Diaper-free from day one

Good for the environment

Every Easypisi is made from 100% recycled material. In buying our potty, you make a positive impact on the environment and support the domestic recycling cycle. You also avoid a lot of junk.

Made in Germany

We are proud of our local production, short transport routes and uncompromising quality. Be sure to check out our potties with best quality and design.

Good for the budget  

A child uses up to 6,000 diapers until it's toilet trained. With Easypisi you not only save on diapers but also avoid the hassle with the garbage.

No baby wants to soil their nappy

Why EC-ing?

  • Every human being has the need for cleanliness.
  • Babies don't want to soil their nappy, they just can't help it yet.
  • With a little patience, practice, and the right timing, using the potty is no big deal.

More on EC-ing

Your gains

  • You use less diapers.
  • That's good for the environment and your wallet.
  • The baby's skin is being protected because the genital area remains dry.
  • The risk of having a typical diaper rash decreases radically.
  • EC'ing children get's them toilet trained earlier.

Try it

Learn from the pros

It's not all about the potty. 
Experienced EC-coaches will help you get started.

Griseldis Burger

Practices diaper-free since the birth of her first child in 2013 and is a trained and certified EC-coach in the "Artgerecht" project. In Frankfurt, Maulbronn and Karlsruhe, she regularly offers courses with a wide range of gear such as split pants, potties and cloth diapers and shows how diaper-free can be easily integrated into everyday life.


Wiebke Gaude

Practices diaper-free since 2016 when she EC'ed her eight-month-old, and has been working as a diaper-free coach for the  "Artgerecht" project since 2018. Since 2020, Wiebke has been active as a diaper-free ambassador for the  "Artgerecht" project and wants to make diaper-free better known. In 2019 she took part in the European Waste Prevention Week for the first time and was nominated for the EU Award for Best Action in Germany in its category.


Janina Pohle

Practices diaper-free since the birth of her daughter in 2016 and is a certified EC coach for diaper-free babies  ("Artgerecht" project). She offers online and offline courses in Hamburg, gives classes and coachings and blogs on Leonina frei & geborgen about her experiences with Elimination Communication.


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