Easypisi Set | Potty + rubber + cover

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The popular Easypisi potty with matching accessories for parents with smooth pants and babies with butts that are sensitive to the cold.

Your advantages:

  • Avoid the heap of diapers and save 6000 diapers
  • Strengthen the parent-child relationship from the start by learning your baby's signals
  • Prevention works: The pee-shield fits between the baby's legs and prevents anything from going wrong
  • Easypisi is very easy to empty and clean
  • Good workmanship because Made in Germany and manufactured from 100% recycled material
Color: Little Red Riding Hood

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A good feeling with Easypisi

Save up to 6000 diapers = 1200€

Intense feeling of bonding with your baby

Prevent diaper rash

Made in Germany from 100% recycled material