Good Night Bundle

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The Good Night Bundle allows you to hold out throughout the day and offers you the best protection for the night.

The Easypisi potty:

  • Ideal for ECing babies from birth
  • Avoid the diaper mountain and save the money for up to 6000 diapers
  • Strengthen the parent-child relationship from the start by learning your baby's signals
  • EC works: The pee shield fits between the baby's legs and prevents peeing over it
  • Easypisi is very easy to empty and clean
  • Made in Germany and made from 100% recycled material

The Lightweight Mata Onesie:

  • Handmade from GOTS certified high-quality Merino knit fabric
  • Can be easily opened at the back and front with a 2-way zipper
  • The surface of the fabric impresses with its smooth, soft feel and nestles perfectly against your baby 's delicate skin
  • Due to the airy cut , the summer onesie is a faithful companion, especially in the warm season.

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Geburtsbegleiterin Julia Bilgic

Julia gibt dir gerne wertvolle Tipps zum Abhalten und zum Start mit Windelfrei. Schreib sie an!

A good feeling with Easypisi

Save up to 6000 diapers = 1200€

Intense feeling of bonding with your baby

Prevent diaper rash

Made in Germany from 100% recycled material

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